Sunday, August 3, 2008

Big wheels keep on turnin'

No, not Mason's wheels this time, either!
(though we really should put up footage of the little man tearin' it up on his beloved Mini Moto 4-wheeler: thanks again for the awesome 1st birthday present, Do-Dad and GiGi)

It's with much excitement and anticipation we announce.....

Many of you have heard us discussing options, moves, Dan's looming contract expiration date (and the deficit California budget situation feeding all of this), to mention nothing of the fact Cortney never really transcended her southern belle roots enough to embrace the (elusive) Californian within! We'd been looking for our next "right" move for some time, but an opportunity finally came along that was too good to pass up: Dan accepted his new position Friday evening.

Mason and Cortney will probably head to town in 1-2 weeks to scout housing, so if you're in the area, please drop us a line. We'd love to see you, and can't wait to catch up with old friends nearby.

Dan's tentative start date is the first or second week of September, so looks like I need to log off here and get busy a-packin'.

We've got alot of work to cram into three weeks' time!

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Natalie Ellen Eamonn said...

just heard you all will be headed here..we are about an hour and a half from Denver, in teh mountains Drake..if you need a place to crash,,and would love a play date call!!! Eamonns