Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"The dog ate my webpage"

So here it is: our picture-free update-- just letting folks know we here in Glauserland are temporarily out of commission when it comes to our blog. First it was Cortney's phone: Mason made quick work of it, and woe upon the decade-long Sprint PCS customer who mistakenly believes 10 years' customer loyalty might equate any level of customer service resolving issues/ replacing a 2-month-old phone. All I'll say is the cost of repairs and equipment can't be anywhere near the cost of lost customers, and hopefully Sprint will factor this into their business model someday....

At any rate, rant aside!

Our Mac is in the shop.
It's been on the fritz for a bit, but we finally took her in, where Apple sent the old girl away for a little well-deserved R&R. Unfortunately, our pics are on an external drive that's a bit picky in who it likes to communicate with, and the PC we're writing from has been officially snubbed! Which also means the 5 posts we had in the pipes for June may happen in July??
If our MacBook comes home before August, that is!

We did take a trip to Bodega Bay.
Mason had a birthday!
Dan went to Upper Cherry Creek while Mommy and the little man ventured out on an ambitious 4-day camping trip by themselves.
Mason took swim lessons.
And boy has he had plenty of adventures on his own two feet since really ramping up the walking just before his birthday!!

We can't wait to share all of this and more with you.
And hopefully we'll have it up as soon as we have a way to move all our photos to an online format again.

Thanks for your patience, and we send you our love and best wishes from smoldering hot, oppressively smoky California.

Namaste and love,

- The Glausahs

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Do you still have the same phone number? tried to call but maybe that was when you will having the cell phone challanges. Hope to talk with you soon.