Saturday, November 1, 2008

TrIcK or TrEaT, 2008 ! ! ! !

(carved by Cort while expecting Godzirra, fall 2006)

Halloween 2008 began bright and early Friday, with Dan taking the day off to show Mason the ropes for Daddy's favorite holiday. First up, it was Littleton's preschool & toddlers' costume parade!

It's Godzirra!

Unfortunately, the parade was right before Godzirra's naptime....

The morning's activity lineup took place at our local library.
And the scene inside, looked alot like an exercise in herding cats:

Godzirra teaches his friends a few programming shortcuts...

Time to line up!

This is gonna be FUN!

The parade =
early trick-or-treating,
to boot

"What'd we get?!?!?!!"

Whatever it is, it's not enough for this candy thief!

BUSTED, dude, complete with hand-in-other-kid's bucket!

"Whattya mean, there's no candy in this one??"


Speaking of "Yum"....
Watch out, Great Wall! It's GODZIRRA!

After morning parading, it was back to the house for a quick nap (we do mean quick; this little guy still fights sleep like the plague) and snack. Oh, mom and dad even joined in the fun too, going all out for Mason's first night of trick-or-treating!

Who's that?

Yep, it's Mommy!

And mommy is a deliciously dark drama queen.... least on Halloween.

One strikin' vikin'-- yuk, yuk ;0)

Soon enough, we were off to Estes Park, CO, to rendezvous with wonderful friends, the Eamonn family. Last year, Godzirra was still so ridiculously colicky we were only able to get him out briefly... even then, it was to a party.
For less time than it took us to drive there.
Before everyone there was so miserable, we took him home.
Where Godzirra's little tummy continued to churn,
and Halloween '07 was spent in tears.

Ben & Leah (2008):
Annual Halloween party hostees with the mostees--
a distinction that last year included one screaming offspring extraordinaire

And why they understand.... :0)
Princess Kiera, our gracious hosts' personal been there-done that factor
(it's her first BIG Halloween this year, too!)

So this year
, when the invitation came, we certainly couldn't resist taking Godzirra trick-or-treating his first time in this wonderful mountain community! Estes has been a second home to us since we've been in Denver, and it's admittedly charming to be a part of our child experiencing his first real Halloween with the children of a friend YOU grew up with yourself. :0)

Cedar can't wait to GO!!!

Ori's ready for mom & dad, brother & sister, AND those silly Glausers to GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD!!!
(note Dan's battle-axe in the background?)

Anyone else notice our dragon's always sleepy??

The city awaits...

Jody-taj, patriarch of the Eamonn krewe

Heir to the throne.... and knight in shining armor, to boot

A sprite-ly middle child!

And their revered queen,

Everything and everyone eventually show up in Estes.....

.... from hold-up artists,

to Viking kings,

Martian leaders,

and sassy things,

a drowsy dragon,

a mischievous sprout,

even our 401K came out!

As the night wound down, Mason found his second wind courtesy of sugar and chocolate.
It may've made for a tough crash later on, but at least his pictures came out nicely:

Out past bedtime??

Stuffed full of chocolate??

And in mamma's arms?!

Life just doesn't get ANY better than Halloween!


Geoff said...

Looks like tons of fun!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, LOVED IT!! great verse and pics!!~ Ya'll had wonderful costumes!! Love-with hugs and kisses....Mom(Joy)

Natalie Ellen Eamonn said...

this may be the worlds loooongest blog...but somehow with your great writing it seems to short! Fun to see al the photos pf past and present!! well have to catch up again soon...still trying to finish the bathroom...UGH