Tuesday, September 16, 2008

On the up and up?

After my last despondent post, I thought I'd better at least jump back on with a quickie update, lest anyone believe we'd drowned in our own tears (compared to raw sewage, it's not such a terrible way to go?) over here!

So here's where things are:
In Littleton, CO.
Which we LOVE!

We found a charming townhouse for the interim, a three-bedroom, two bath, three-story property nestled between a golf course and the South Platte River, near the heart of the historic downtown district here. Dan can walk to the light rail, cutting daily commuting costs to $3.50 each round trip, and the green spaces, tree-lined streets, and abundance of verdant parks keep Mason happy day in and day out. Our location is great: just suburban enough to be quiet and safe, but localized enough for groceries/ shopping, culinary experiences, convenience and culture.

Just last weekend, we spent the better part of Saturday at Summerset, an end-of-summer festival held on park grounds adjacent to Columbine High School. (aside: based on proximity alone, this is probably the high school Mason's zoned for were we to stay here long-term. A little morbid, yes, but if you bore witness to the sheer tactical, bomb-handling, weaponry, and crisis intervention display showcased by local authorities last week, you'd fear very little where your child's safety in this school district is concerned now. After Columbine, circa 10 years ago, these guys DON'T mess around) It's a beautiful green swath of earth there, where we swilled homemade lemonade against a backdrop of blue skies and smiling faces, Mason moon-bouncing in the lap of an inflatable gorilla and riding the winds in a toddler swing, just within the margins of Columbine's expansive shadow.

We're getting moved in at the house, slowly but surely.

Dan is at work, and really enjoying it.

We even managed to finally get our internet hooked up last night.

Were it not for continued tensions with the old landlord, and that we learned my brother filed for divorce on Friday (amid disgustingly salacious circumstances), we might even be the picture of boring domesticity again.

Oh, some good news:
The bank was able to execute a stop-payment on the check they originally posted! So our former landlord only has our deposit $$ in hand, which he *wrote* he would be refunding us. The 14-day window stipulated in terms of the lease passed on Sunday, as did yesterday (Monday) with no sign of the check. Looks like we may still have a few more legal fees in our future.... sigh. At least those can be reclaimed, too-- it's just a shame it will probably take a lawsuit to see everything resolved. :0(

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